Awarding the 'Hello Nam Dan' online photo contest in 2022

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On the afternoon of July 20, in Nam Dan district, Nghe An Department of Tourism held a ceremony to summarize and award the "Hello Nam Dan" online photo contest in 2022.

Attending the ceremony were leaders of the Department of Tourism; leaders of Nam Dan district; award-winning authors and photography enthusiasts.

Nghệ An: Trao giải Cuộc thi ảnh online 'Hello Nam Đàn' năm 2022 ảnh 1
Ceremony scene. Photo: Cong Kien

Practically celebrate the Lotus Village Festival in 2022 and celebrate the 132th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890 - May 19, 2022), with the aim of promoting communication and image promotion. homeland, country, people, culture and tourism of Nghe An in general and Nam Dan in particular, the Department of Tourism in collaboration with Nam Dan district organizes an online photo contest "Hello Nam Dan" in 2022.

Nghệ An: Trao giải Cuộc thi ảnh online 'Hello Nam Đàn' năm 2022 ảnh 2
Representatives of the Organizing Committee presented prizes to the 2nd prize winners. Photo: Cong Kien

The contest aims to encourage and honor authors whose works are novel, creative, unique, have a new perspective through the lens of tourism on the land, life, people, culture, tourist destinations, services of Nam Dan district. Thereby, inviting domestic and foreign tourists to experience and explore.

The Organizing Committee has received nearly 300 works from more than 30 participating authors. The grading is implemented strictly and strictly according to the rules. The works submitted to the competition were judged to have presented images of the Nam Dan landscape in a rich and varied manner. From unspoiled beauty to the beauty of modern life and scenic spots, traditional festivals, famous tourist attractions.

Nghệ An: Trao giải Cuộc thi ảnh online 'Hello Nam Đàn' năm 2022 ảnh 3
The work "Linh thiêng chùa Đại Tuệ" (Sacred Dai Tue Pagoda) by author Vo Thi Hanh won the first prize of the contest.

There are works with colors of simple life, love of labor, showing the image of Nam Dan's hard-working, tolerant and hardworking people. Hidden deep in the works is the love, respect and attachment to the land of Nam Dan. The works are not only images through the lens but also contain the feelings of the authors for the beloved land of Nam Dan.

As a result, the Organizing Committee and the Jury decided to award 3rd prizes to 3 works (“The Ceremony of Liberation and Peace” by Vu Thai Quang; “Tuong Nam Dan” by Pham Quoc Dan; “The Road to Lotus Village” by Pham Quoc Dan. Vo Thanh Vinh); awarded the second prize for two works ("Visitor offering incense to Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan's grave" by Pham Quoc Dan; "The way to Uncle Ho's hometown" by Vo Thanh Vinh) and the first prize for the work "Sacred Dai Tue Pagoda" by Pham Quoc Dan. Vo Thi Hanh.

Nghệ An: Trao giải Cuộc thi ảnh online 'Hello Nam Đàn' năm 2022 ảnh 4
Mr. Nguyen Manh Loi - Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism, Head of the Organizing Committee of the contest awarded the first prize to author Vo Thi Hanh. Photo: Cong Kien

In addition to the official prizes, the Organizing Committee also awarded 05 Consolation prizes to the works with the highest voting scores.

Particularly, the work that won the first prize was awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee.

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