Visit Nghe An to eat charcoal grilled herring

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If traveling to Nghe An, in addition to visiting cultural and historical sites, scenic spots, you will enjoy many famous delicious specialties such as: eel vermicelli, eel soup, eel porridge, Thanh Chuong tim, Cast cakes, fried mussels, black glutinous fillings, cu de... There is also charcoal-grilled herring, a rustic, delicious dish sold by the people of Nghe fishing village along the coast, at the local market. … has captured the hearts of many diners.
Fishermen in the districts of Quynh Luu, Nghi Loc, Cua Lo town, Hoang Mai town (Nghe An)... often go fishing for herring at 4-5 am, especially in the dark, foggy evenings. On average, each boat trip takes about 3-4 days to catch 10-15 tons of fish. Fresh herring, after being transported ashore, will be purchased and sold by traders to Thanh Hoa, Ninh Binh and neighboring provinces and partly sold to local markets, TP. Vinh and districts in Nghe An province. Retail outlets often sell fresh herring or charcoal grilled, depending on the tastes of people in the area…

Cá trích nướng bán tại chợ Sa Nam (thị trấn Nam Đàn, huyện Nam Đàn, tỉnh Nghệ An).

The sea of ​​Nghe An, in every season, has a lot of herring. However, herring in Cua Lo sea area is the most delicious because there are 2 estuaries because 2 big rivers, Lam River and Cam River, flow into the sea. These are the "two sources" of abundant and abundant food for shrimp, squid and other seafood... so both the reserve and quality of seafood in Cua Lo sea area are much higher than many other seas because When the river empties into the sea at Cua Lo or Cam River, it carries in itself the alluvium of many lands that the river has passed through. So when eating Cua Lo herring has a unique flavor that nowhere else can be found, the price here is also somewhat more expensive.

Herring is very easy to recognize because this is a small marine fish, with a flat, thin body, slightly long. The skin of the fish is light green. The belly of the fish has a distinct serrated line and the whole body has many small round scales. Herring also prepares delicious dishes such as grilled, fried, steamed, braised with pepper, braised ... Herring is one of the most calcium-rich and nutritious fish among marine fish but the price is extremely cheap. Herring, after being brought ashore, is cleaned, not scaled and grilled on a hot coal oven for about 10-15 minutes, until the fish is cooked evenly from the inside with delicious flavors sold at wholesale prices for 40,000 - 50,000 VND. /kg. .

Housewives also often buy fresh herring and prepare it for themselves, remove the gills, clean the intestines, clean the fish oil, and then bake it. When grilled herring wants to achieve delicious taste, crispy bones, it must be grilled on a charcoal stove and a fan keeps the fire at a moderate level. At the same time, when grilling fish, you must constantly turn the fish to ensure that the body of the fish is golden, and the head and tail of the fish are not burned.

Therefore, when enjoying this dish, you will feel the greasy, crunchy, fleshy fish meat, eating very richly mixed with the smell of smoke, of coal, of the hot "just blown and eaten" heat. It will be a very enjoyable experience.

Many visitors to Nghe An in the "grilled fish season" said that enjoying grilled herring from Nghe An is very crispy, sweet, rich in flavor with a little aroma of smoke, coal and passionate sea water. . Therefore, grilled herring has become a "specialty" of Nghe An, enjoyed by many tourists and bought as gifts for friends and relatives when coming to Nghe An.

Charcoal-grilled herring is sold most in markets in the city area. Vinh or rural markets and at restaurants at Con Temple (Hoang Mai Town) during the festive season. Tourists from all over the world, after sightseeing and performing ceremonies, often go to restaurants to enjoy rustic dishes, rich in the flavor of the sea and sky "around Nghe".

Grilled herring from Nghe An is usually served with raw vegetables, fig leaves and hot vermicelli or banh cuon (banh cuon), Do Luong grilled rice paper. The dipping sauce is a bowl of delicious fish sauce Van Phan, Cua Hoi ... squeezed into a few drops of lemon and slices of fresh chili, crushed garlic or maybe shrimp paste with spices. Currently in the "industry 4.0", many people know how to take advantage of online business services to market grilled herring to consumers all over the country. In order to transport the fish long distances and still retain its delicious taste, the fish after being grilled will be packed into each vacuum bag and frozen.          

Article, photo: Tien Sa

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